Manta Rays Swim Team

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Manta Ray 2016/17 Winter Season

November 1st - January 29th

Register on-line for the Manta Ray Swim Team

Cost and policies

$70.00 per swimmer if you register on paper or after October 18th.

$60.00 per swimmer if you register on-line before October 17th.

MASA membership and swim team fees are due at the first practice.

There is also a $10.00 charge for meets unless otherwise discussed. Due before the meet.

Swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards.

Must be a MASA member (family membership or youth memberships are available).

No Refunds - No Exceptions.

Click here for Manta Rays registration materials.

Click here to print or access the "Parent Information Packet" for the 2016-17 winter season.

Click here to print or access the Manta Ray Calendar for the 2016-17 winter season.

Please see the calendar and parent packet for an explanation of practice times.

New swimmers and those under age 8 will start on November 1st and our older and more experienced swimmers will start practice on November 6th.

Click here to print or access the Manta Ray flyer for the 2016-17 winter season.

Please feel free to print and hang these flyers if you like to advertise our team.

This year we are trying something new for swim team notifications. It is called "Remind 101" and essentially it is text notifications to your phone. Click here for instructions on how to get these notifications. We will still send emails for those who do not wish to get the text messages.

The following links are for the suits and goggles that are recomended for Manta Ray swimmers.

Here is a link to the Speedo Vanquisher Goggle.

Here is a link to the Sporti Piped Splice Jammer.

Here is a link to the Sporti Solid Piped Swimsuit.

These are for youth sizes. They do come in adult sizes as well.

Float in Movie

We will be having a fun new event this year. A float in movie is just what it sounds like; you float in the pool while watching a movie. This event will be October 8th and will be open to both swimmers from our summer team and our new swimmers for the winter team. The movie will be "Finding Nemo". The time will be announced here soon. Stay tuned!

Swim Meets - Changes and/or additions are possible

Phillips December 3rd, 2016
Merrill December 10th, 2016
TIDE - Wausau January 7th, 2017
Tide - Wausau January 8th, 2017
Rhinelander January 14th, 2017
Iola January 21st, 2017

Coaching Staff

Adrienne Reed - Administrative Coach

Contact: 715-820-2200 or

Adrienne began her swimming career at age 6 with the Phillips Wave swim team in Phillips, WI and continued to swim competitively through her sophomore year of high school. Then, she became Lifeguard and WSI certified and spent the remaining three years of high school and summer months lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons, while swimming for recreation. Although out of practice compared to some of the Manta Ray swimmers, my favorite events were and still are those of distance like the 500 Free or 400 IM.

Sharon Gage-Ruff and Denise Gage - Practice Coaches

Dynamic duo, Sharon and Denise are back! They are excited to see our summer crew and are looking forward to meeting our new members. As some of you know both Denise and Sharon swam for the Manta Rays way back when a "bucket turn" wasn't even a thing (crazy, right?). But don't worry, we've still got our moves, drive and excitement for swimming and we can't wait to share it with you! Sharon, a Case Manager by day, enjoys getting to know each swimmer and giving that encouragement to help them believe that they can compete in their event and be great! Denise is the Health Aide for Edgar School District and can be found almost daily at the swim center, lifeguarding and teaching lessons. She is a strong believer in perfecting stroke technique and is great at helping each swimmer do so. Outside of their day jobs and swim team, these sisters can be found hunting for bargains at a flea market, snowmobiling the beautiful trails of Central Wisconsin, or hanging out with their other family members.

Focus is Fun

Swimmers will focus on learning and refining:

  • All 4 competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.
  • Competitive starts, finishes, and turns.
  • Endurance, confidence, teamwork and a love for the water!

Swim Team Forms

Click here to print or access the "Parent Information Packet" for the 2016 winter season.

Click here for Manta Rays registration materials.

Registration materials are also available at the pool.

Click here for the recomended dry land core workout for Manta Ray swimmers.

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