If beneficial, consider printing the following instructions.

Please click on the following link  ->   Marathon Area Swim Association MINDBODY   directing you to the  MASA MINDBODY Consumer website. Consider bookmarking or adding the site to your favorites.

Click on the “ Swim Lessons ” tab.  

Select the “All service categories” drop-down and choose the appropriate service category .

Select the “All class types” drop-down and choose the class type .

Select the date  you will be taking lessons.  Scroll down and select the class  desired.

Click “ Sign Up Now” .

If you have already logged into MASA’s MindBody website and verified your personal information and family members, please login using your email  and password .

If you have not logged into MASA’s MindBody website, ** CURRENT MEMBERS  (membership expires September 30, 2018), please DO NOT  enter your email address in the “Create an Account” field as your account has already been created in MINDBODY and doing so will create a duplicate profile. Please click on the “ Need new password ?” link and follow the instructions.  Non-members who have had a membership in the past 3 years may also find that they already have a account.

New members , please create an account by entering your email , clicking next  and following the instructions.

Click Enroll  to enroll yourself.

Click Enroll–Family member  to enroll the family member taking lessons.

Click “ Someone Else ” to enroll someone besides your family members.  Type full name  and click Enroll .

Members will receive a zero dollar pricing for swim lessons with the exception of swim team fees. To add additional family members who will be taking lessons, click “ Continue Shopping ” link.  

Select the lesson  and date  desired, and click enroll–Family member.  

After all lessons for family members or specific individuals have been added to the shopping cart, click “ Checkout ”.

Review the Purchase Policy, Terms & Conditions, Returns & Refunds, and Privacy Policy.

If you have a gift card, it can be applied to the purchase by entering the Gift Card number  and clicking Apply .  

You will receive a confirmation email  if the “store this as my email address” is checked.

Review your order  information, verify your credit card  information and click “ Place Order .”

**MindBody is Level 1 PCI and HIPAA compliant; keeping your data secure.